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Are you looking for ways to manage stress, improve relationships, problem solve, and build confidence?

Life can be better!

Counseling services

  • Stress management for home and work.
  • Problem solving.
  • Someone to talk to about improving communication, setting better limits, and sorting out priorities.
  • Using primarily Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques, learn better ways to handle thoughts, emotions, and behavior. What is CBT? Click here


  • Usual and customary fees paid by medical insurance policies with a co-pay or through EAPs (Employee Assistance Programs) provided through employers, which are no cost to the client.
  • Private pay with sliding scale fees available, on request.


Convenient day, evening, and weekend appointments available.

Online video counseling.

What would water do?

What would water do, It never holds or clings It flows, it moves, it adapts, Never resisting Simply going with where it is Flowing, Always finding the way ~ M. L Adams https://journeysinwriting.com/tag/what-would-water-do/  ...

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Oxygen: or saying yes to saying no

  Oxygen: or saying yes to saying no   By Allyson Woodrooffe   Published with permission from the author         How many times have you heard a flight attendant instruct you to ‘put the oxygen mask on yourself before assisting others’? More than you can remember, I’m...

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Mindfulness – Something Old is New Again

Mindfulness - Something Old is New Again What is mindfulness? I recently taught an ethics seminar for mental health professionals at our local community college.  We discussed how managing stress affects everything we do, including health care professionals. I...

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Practical Holiday Stress Management Tips

Managing the stress of time and priorities is especially challenging during the holidays.  Advertisements, displays, and music seem to start earlier every year, don't they?  How about some simple but practical tips? Click here to view, print, and share. * And remember...

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