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If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it.” – William Arthur Ward

 Everything that exists, from the MAC computer I am writing on to the words, “We the people” that revolutionized the world, everything started as an idea or a thought.

 What do you want? Although it may be a car or some “thing,” people come to counseling wanting a better life that is free of pain, relationship problems, or to find a better life. 

 When you cannot put what you want and need into words or don’t know, maybe it is time for a Vision Board or Treasure Map. 

 Although the boards pictured here are not mine, I still have one I created in the early 1990s. It is no longer “picture worthy” because it is worn and frayed. However, I am living the life I created on that board, having watching the words and images I placed on a poster board become reality.  I cannot imagine another one that is as much “me.”  There is nothing on it that I would change because it captures my values, my passions, and what I want my life to have in it. 

 To help you get started………..Look at the vision boards pictured at the top. Watch the YouTube video here or find one through your own search.


Start your board by finding photos, images, and even words in magazines or online. Look at personal photos. Keep a collection until you are ready to start.

Buy a piece of core board or poster board from a hobby store.   Purchase glue that allows you to move images around. 

Pace yourself.  This is a process and not an assignment.  Give this some thought and let yourself daydream.  Enjoy the experience.

A teacher and mentor, Reverend Carol Record, who introduced me to vision boards, recommended that you write on your board, “This, its equivalent, or something better.”  From experience, she had learned to be careful about what we wish for. Carol knew a woman who did a beautiful “treasure map” with a large home, beautiful car, and clothes, and image of a future husband.  She came back a year later and “had” everything on her board……except for happiness, love, satisfaction, or fulfillment.

One counseling client created a vision board in one week!  Her board captured her personality, what she loved, and what she wanted that was missing. She was reminded that she wanted more creative activities in her life.  A widow, her life included a high-pressure management position, a micro-managing boss, recovery from knee surgery, and anxiety about her aging mother. She began looking for a welding class so that she could start doing metal sculptures!

Another client, with an artistic temperament who loved to draw, chose to do a simple pencil sketch of a “map” of images and things she wanted to do.  Her sketch included icons she drew that represented what she wanted. 

What images and words for your board can you make happen or are you envisioning something completely out of your control?  Does what you want have the potential to hurt someone else?  Is what you want in your best interests?  Does your board match your values?

Before you start gluing, take a few deep breaths and become as deeply relaxed as you can.  Then have some fun and see what happens. 

Open your mind and heart. You may be surprised, inspired, and transformed.