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This is where I am going today.Grand Tetons Moulton Barn….the Grand Teton mountain range in Wyoming. 

I am going there in my imagination where I can be awed by this view, enjoy the dry cool air, and see those vivid colors. 

I will sit right here, enjoy some memories, and relax. 

I have a choice about what I focus on and think about anywhere I am. I’ll go to the mountains for a while.

I’m humbled by these mountains which have survived much harsher conditions than yours or mine for millions of years. And they are more beautiful as time goes on as wind and weather continue to work on the sharp edges of this northern Rocky Mountain range. A lot of what we focus on, although intense at the time, is temporary. Today, I will let the Tetons help me to relax, enjoy the wonder, and remind me how temporary most things are.

Where do you want to go?